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Jesus Inside
A. Frances Johnson Memorial Chapel
Devotions: 10/3/05 
3rd-Oct-2005 08:21 am
E) Proud American and Christian
Your belief system should be something you are willing to defend.
Read: Isaiah 51:1

What is the basis for what you believe? If you say the way your were raised or what you were taught in school then your belief system could be faulty. God needs to be the basis for the principles you hold dear. His word is a sure guide through the difficult circumstances of life. In fact, God prepares you to face the future as you read and study His Word.
When you are tuned into the Word of God, you are tapping into the infinite mind of Christ. The temptation to think that God is not personal or interested in what you are facing quickly fades. God's Word teaches us that He is actively involved in every aspect of our lives.
Knowing that God eternally cares for you is a good place to start as you seek to build a strong spiritual foundation. Pastors and clergymen can teach you about the Lord and how to worship Him, but it is the Holy Spirit living within you that illuminates the truth of God to your heart.
When we understand the principles of God's Word and begin to apply them to our lives, our vision changes. We see things from God's perspective and are more willing to trust Him with the entirety of our lives.
Some say the Bible is difficult to understand. However, if you will begin to read through its contents, God will help you understand His truth and principles.
--Charles Stanley
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